High Efficiency Mini Pleats


  • MERV 14
  • Molded foam polyurethane frame features a quad-seal integrated gasket
  • Duel gasket ribs provide duel sealing protection against bypass
  • Media pack is fully potted into the frame
  • Utilizes LoadTech® proprietary embossed pleated synthetic media
  • Moisture, chemical and corrosion resistant frame is able to flex without damage
  • Classified per UL Standard 900 for flammability
  • Earn points toward LEED Certification
  • Available in 4” depths


  • 2” deep mini-pleat filter
  • Provides outstanding particulate removal efficiency and service life
  • Ideal for any application where 2” pleated filters are currently in use
  • MERV 16/14A for improved air quality in occupied spaces without significant reduction in air flow

MicroMAX™ Mini-Pleat

  • MERV 11 to 14
  • Beverage board or metal frame
  • Compact 4″ Depth